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Local Rules

Kings Norton Golf Club 2021 Model Local Rules

Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

  • Beyond the boundary of the course, any fence, on or beyond any white line or white stakes defining the boundary of the course
  • In or beyond the ditch running down the right-hand side of the 5th Blue
  • On, in or beyond the gardens and practise putting green adjoining the club house
  • The car park and cottage gardens to the left of the 1st Yellow

Water Hazards

All streams, ponds and ditches are penalty areas, whether marked or not and those unmarked are to be treated as yellow penalty areas.

Dropping Zones

If a ball is in the following penalty areas: Penalty area at the rear of 2nd blue green, the left-hand side pond of 7th blue green and the ditch at the rear of 7th blue green, the stream at the rear of 1st red green, stream to the right of the 8th red green, ditch rear of 2nd yellow green and the ditch rear of 4th yellow green. Including when it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found came to rest in the penalty area, the player has these relief options, each for one penalty stroke:

Take relief under Rule 17.1, or

As an extra option, drop the original ball or another ball in the dropping zone which is marked by a boxed white line marked Drop Zone. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3.

Relief from Aeration Holes

If a player’s ball lies in or touches an aeration hole in the general area or on the putting green, relief may be taken under Rule 16.1.

Protection of Young Trees

The young trees identified by being staked or less than one club length in height are no play zones. If a player’s ball lies anywhere on the course other than in a penalty area and it lies on or touches such a tree or such a tree interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 16.1f.

Abnormal Course Conditions (including Immovable Obstructions) (Rule 16)

  • Abnormal course conditions are defined by any area encircled by a blue line or blue stakes are to be treated as a no play zone.
  • Unmarked surface drainage channels, flower beds and damage caused by green keeping machinery i.e. ruts, not shallow indentations these to be treated as abnormal course conditions
  • Golf ball washers, Rubbish bins, hole signage boards and benches are immovable instructions Integral Objects
  • All sheds, toilets, dams and bridges are integral parts of the course, not immovable instructions

Limited Relief for Embedded Ball in Bunker face

Rule 16.3 is modified in this way: Free relief is not allowed when a ball is embedded in stacked turf faces /soil faces of all bunkers

Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Greens

Immovable obstructions close to putting green (e.g. sprinkler heads): In addition to the types of interference described in Rule 16.1a, when a ball lies in the general area, interference also exists if an immovable obstruction is: on the player’s line of play, is within two club-lengths of the putting green, and is within two club-lengths of the ball. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b. (Exception – There is no relief under this Local Rule if the player chooses a line of play that is clearly unreasonable.

All Roads and Paths Treated as Obstructions

All roads and paths on the course which are artificially surfaced or which are clearly edged, are treated as immovable obstructions from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.

Methods for Stopping and Resuming Play

A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by: See Rule 5.7b.

  • Immediate Stop – One prolonged note of the siren
  • Normal Stop – Three Consecutive notes of the siren
  • Resume Play – Two short notes of the siren

For the full text of any Model Local Rules referenced, please refer to the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf. Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule is the General Penalty i.e. Match Play – Loss Hole, Stroke Play – Two strokes

Temporary Local Rules – As displayed in the clubhouse or outside the professional shop

Distance Markers – Indicate measurements in yards to the centre of the green Priority on the course:
Keep up with the group in front of you, if you lose a hole call the group behind through Single players have equal status

Give preference to those playing in club competitions

Model local winter rules when in operation (in addition to the above)

Preferred Lies

When a player's ball lies in a part of the general area cut to fairway height or less, the player may take free relief once by lift, clean and placing the original ball and playing it from this relief area:

Reference Point: Spot of the original ball.
Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: 6 inches from the reference point, but with these limits:

Limits on Location of Relief Area: Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and must be in the general area.

In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rules 14.2b(2) and 14.2e.

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