Kings Norton Golf Club


Dress Code

Kings Norton is a modern, progressive golf club and we consider that appropriate behaviour both on and off the course along with respect for the etiquette of the game is more important than dictating how an individual should be dressed. Nevertheless, there are certain standards that we wish to uphold and for the avoidance of doubt and potential embarrassment we feel that a statement of our rules is important for all. 

On the course recognised golfing attire is required for all players. As a general guide if an item of clothing can be purchased in a Professional’s shop it may be worn on the course. We do not allow tracksuits, tee shirts, trainers, beach shorts, cargo shorts or trousers of the multipocketed/multi zipped variety. We prefer to see shirts tucked in but acknowledge that fashions and certain physiques may make this difficult at times. 

In the bars and lounges we are keen to develop and promote a relaxed environment that will encourage and not deter Members and visitors from enjoying our excellent facilities. To this end we do allow denim jeans to be worn but not those that are torn or dirty. Shoes that have been worn or are intended to be worn on the course may not be worn in the clubhouse (other than in the spike bar) and we require golfers to change out of any wet or dirty clothing before entering the lounges. Neither caps nor obtrusive football shirts are permitted. Holdalls and shoe bags must be left in changing rooms and not brought into the lounge.  

We believe that our dress code is simple, modern, easy to understand and self-policing.  We wish to make clear that there are no other rules, either real or imaginary with regard to what may be worn or how it may be worn. Members and visitors are asked to familiarise themselves with this code and to respect our standards and indeed one another.

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